Video Art

Knitting is a repetitious action, which produces a meditative, flowing state of mind. The physical action of knitting, in which I knit loop after loop, creates a constant mantra, which is expressed in the work. Through knitting, I create a textile unit which repeats itself, connects with itself and creates one whole body. The same two-dimensional textile soon becomes a three-dimensionally shaped textile.

Exhibition Room

The knitted textiles represent infinite continuity and present a text in the textile. The  narrative taking place in the textile is formal and colorful, and is derived from nature.  

The textile tries to understand its place and its continuity in space. The textile stands alone, or is worn on a human body, until it is like skin, breathing. That same textile conducts a dialogue with the body, so that sometimes it is placed on it, sometimes it feels as if it comesut from it, breaths together with it, and even breaths by itself.

Close Up

The textiles are hand-knitted with a manual knitting machine. The threads are viscose threads together with hand-dyed silk fabrics, which I cut into strips and weave into the knitted textile.

Close Up